Workshop 11/24FEB

Workshop 11 by Achim Menges and Karola Dierichs explores cylindrical granular structures. Today participants started to work in three teams, building the highest, the thinnest as well as functionally-graded aggregate cylinders.

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MIAW 2015 Open Lectures

Atmospheres 2014  © Michele Nastasi

Atmospheres 2014 © Michele Nastasi

Tuesday 24 February
H 18.00 Aula Rogers: lectures by Carlos Arroyo and Jean Mas
Wednesday 25 February
H 18.00 Aula Rogers: lectures by Angelo Bucci and Yury Grigoryan
Thursday 26 February
H 17.30 Aula Rogers: Seminar/Re-Cycle Italy #1
Friday 27 February
H 10.15 Aula Rogers: Seminar/Re-Cycle Italy #2
H 14.30 Aula J2: lecture by Achim Menges and Roberto Bottazzi
Monday 2 March
Aula Gamma
H 18.o0: lectures by Carlos Asensio Wandosell
H 19.00: assignment of “Michele Silvers Award” 2015 (for the best Final Thesis Project developed on a site abroad)
H 20.00 Spazio Mostre: Opening of the Exhibition Michele Silvers Awards” 2015
H 20.00 – 22.00: Social aperitif @ Spazio Mostre
Tuesday 3 March
H 18.00 Aula Rogers: lectures by Luis Basabe Montalvo and Juan Luis De Las Rivas
Wednesday 4 March
H 18.00 Aula Gamma: lectures by Marcio Kogan and Angela Koch 
Friday 6 March
Closing Seminar & Exhibition Opening
H 16.00  Aula Gamma: presentations and talks
Ilaria Valente, Emilio Faroldi, Gennaro Postiglione
group presentations
feedback and comments
Gabriele Pasqui, Direttore Dipartimento DAStU
Franco Raggi, Vicepresidente Ordine Architetti Milano
Franco Torricelli, Preside Scuola di Architettura Civile
closing speech
Ota De Leonardis, Università Milano Bicocca

MIAW 2015 / Intro

Credits / Contents / WS Info  / Agenda

WS. INTRO: – printable on both sides, A4 format. Updated on 24 Feb!

WS.01 Carlos Arroyo
Productive Landscapes, poetic pragmatism in an urban context / Ex Borletti
Room O.2

WS.02 Carlos Asensio Wandosell
ExCA / Ex Cinema Adriano Reuse
Room U.2

WS.03 Luis Basabe Montalvo
Multiplayer City / Via Brunetti
Room R.2

WS.04 Roberto Bottazzi
Urban Data Lab – Urban Design in the age of Data / AGIP station
Room Z.1

WS.05 Angelo Bucci
Scuderie De Montel
Room III.A

WS.06 Juan Luis De Las Rivas
Ex-Piazza d’Armi Caserma Santa Barbara
Room R.2

WS.07 Yury Grigoryan
Trivia / Scalo S. Cristoforo
Room III.C

WS.08 Angela Koch
Via Padova: Co-designing the public space with local people and other users
Room O.1

WS.09 Marcio Kogan
House for a special client
Room O.2.1

WS.10 Jean Mas
Pièce Urbaine – Urban Fragments / Ex Caserma Montello
Room III.D

WS.11 Achim Menges
Granular Space / Aggregate Architecture
Room J.2