Helder Casal Ribeiro is a Portuguese architect graduated from FAUP in 1992. In the same institution he has obtained also his Ph.D. in Architecture in 2013. Since 1999 he lectures in Design Studio of FAUP and is currently an auxiliary professor and head professor of 1st year Design Studio in Master Course. In the Ph.D Program in Architecture, co-headed courses, with participation of Monique Eleb, Cármen Espegel and Txato Sabater and coordinated FAUP´s Open Courses “100 years of housing” and “Dwelling in Europe”. Since 2020 he is a professor in
“Project Thesis Seminar”, option “Housing Project and Ways of Inhabiting”. Helder Casal Ribeiro is also a visiting professor at Politecnico di Milano in Mantova campus and in ABC Ph.D programme of Leonardo Campus. He develops professional activity since 1992. Has received National Award IHRU 2008_Construction for Social Housing Project in Porto.
Founder of “Fpoetics®_laboratorial hub”, and co-founder of curatorial collective “MATTER. The white conferences”. He is a researcher at CEAU in group “Atlas da Casa” with “Multi-family Dwelling: Theory, Design, Didactics” and
“Transference and Identity” projects, where currently researches the modern condition and its reflexes in the contemporary architectural scene. Currently associated to the research project “SIZA baroque”, funded by public agency that supports scientific research in Portugal (FCT).