Karin Elke HOFERT FEIX graduated in Architecture at ETSAB-UPC in 1986.
Since 1987 she teaches Architecture Design in this college.
From 2008 to 2014 she was Vice-Dean for International Relations.
Since 2014 she is part of the regular visiting teachers’ staff at Politecnico di Milano, Piacenza (AUIC – Sustainable Architecture and Landscape Design).
The main research and study areas are public space, urban landscape, and “specialized” neighbourhoods.
She has been invited as visiting lecturer and academic jury member to universities in Europe, South America, North America, North Africa, Australia and Asia.
From 1995 onwards she is building up and directed international workshops and seminars. She has organized and co-directed international congresses, she is and has been a member of the scientific board and keynote lecturer at international conferences, and a reviewer of Architecture Publications.
Furthermore, she has worked and is working in cooperation and development, directing projects on public space in Morocco and Peru.
Her current professional activity focuses on the refurbishment of private housing. Formerly she got awards in several design competitions for public spaces and public buildings.