MIAW D – Gabriela Seifert

Gabriela Seifert is an architect and artist with a trans-disciplinary, conceptual approach to art and architecture. She works since 1984 with Goetz
Stoeckmann in the group formalhaut and until 2010 as seifert.stoeckmann architects. Their living room house has been widely published,
screened and exhibited i.e. at the Venice Biennale in 2004 and was awarded Mies Van der Rohe prize finalist. She has been a teacher and
lecturer at many universities, including East London University, RMIT, UTS Sydney, AHO Oslo, UTA Arlington and others. As artists formalhaut
engage with the question of space is in its fundamental meaning, experimenting with vessels, tents and lightworks, much of which has been
made in Australian landscapes and which is currently worked into a book trilogy by the title “dim diary – the erosion of boundary”.