Marcio Kogan / House for a special client


What if the clients of a new house were characters of great European movies of the XX century? Wouldn’t it be a privilege to design for these characters which we could have observed in intimacy? We can only imagine the dreams and dream together with these clients that have made us dream other times. We decode the desires and suggest new ways of living.  The poetic and enigmatic dimensions of these character-clients free us from silly suppositions .

The home is a type of monument to the quotidian. Designing a house is simultaneously paying homage to the daily activities of those who live there, who will continue transforming the space throughout the years. The house designed by an architect brings, from its beginnings, the DNA of its owner, reinterpreted. Here we are also talking about cinema.

The proposal of the workshop suggests that the students make a house for the life of one of the selected characters: the office director of the movie Playtime by Jacques Tati; the boy Johan (now older) of the movie Silence by Ingmar Bergman or three clowns by Federico Fellini.

The choice of the character and the size of the house is open for each student. The only given constrain, for each of the possibilities, is the site, which inherently carries the climate of the character. For the character of Tati we have a large flat land, a modern tabula rasa. The site for the boy (now grown of Bergman’s movie) is an island, always surrounded by a dense fog. The site of this community of three clowns by Fellini is urban and small, surrounded by townhouses on either side.

It is fundamental that the students design the house to be, hypothetically, used by the dwellers, in other words, with a program complete with their needs, developed by each one at the start of the activities, and respecting the laws of physics, the tectonic question for the building of any construction.

It is intended here that the students can exercise some little-explored aspects within an academic environment: the development of the program, architectural imagination, the poetic element of design and the architectural detail. There do not exist any rigid ties relative to legislation, historical landmarks or urban guidelines. The idea is to offer the students freedom to design.

Playtime, Jacques Tati,  Character: Office director
The Silence, Ingmar Bergman,  Character: Johan (grown)
I clowns, Federico Fellini, Characters: Community of 3 Clowns

Marcio Kogan with Gabriel Kogan


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