Sunday…free day!


After two days of intensive work and lectures, Sunday is a free day for our students and our visiting professors!
They are starting to deal with the theme of the Olympic Village for the winter games Milano-Cortina 2026, in the big empty area of Porta Romana railyard, one of the seven dismissed railyard that surrounds Milano without closing it. It was born in between the two historical axes that connected the city of Milano with Piacenza (Via Aemilia, today Coso Lodi) and Pavia (today Via Ripamonti) in a portion of the city on the edge of the countryside, today Parco Agricolo Sud. With the coming of modernity, Porta Romana becomes an important landing place for goods, whose construction and evolution is documented in the beautiful paintings by Umberto Boccioni, who saw the growing and changing of the area from his balcony. We will soon know how each atelier will interpret these traces and how the new projects will dialogue with the city that grew up outside its boundary.