Olav Kristoffersen_WS 05 A PARK IN SCALO FARINI

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We suggest that a public park should immediately be constructed in Scalo Farini. The park is supposed to attract kids and families, and hence to install the Scalo Farini as a specific place in the conscience of the Milanesi before other development starts in the area.

In Delirious New York, Rem Koolhaas outlines how Central Park was defined in 1853 to safeguard the area from construction. It is still there despite numerous efforts to build in the parks of New York.
We should attempt to establish a distinct public space that is resilient, that is an urban artifact. The park in the Scalo Farini should be defined in a very particular way to enable it to last and enable it to influence subsequent urban development in a beneficial manner.
Three important questions arise:
1. Where can this park be positioned within the Scalo Farini?
2. What can be the exact boundaries and shape of the new park?
3. How can we programme and design an attractive park that deals with the scale of the city?
Our goal at the end of the workshop might be to present a large model and drawing of the park.
To achieve our goal, we divide the studio into smaller teams which focus on different scales, aspects and components of the new Park for playing at the Scalo Farini. All bits and pieces should be coordinated to create a coherent and rich project.
Let’s identify our individual strengths as architects and use them in one common, collective project.