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On (almost) traceless strategies and identities

PLOT: Panda, the ubiquitous controversial creative agency has been commissioned to strategize, plan, design, develop and brand a large temporary event at Scalo Farini in Milan.
Sponsored by the techno Italian giant Limitless the event is meant to celebrate urban and digital subcultures over a week of intense and unprecedented experiences.
Limitless – a leader in the sharing economy with headquarters in a former subway station in the outskirt of Milan – supports a new form of urban economy. It refused to launch a long term development plan for the area believing that the fluctuations of the current and future economy cannot be grasped by the fixed nature of architecture. The plans of Limitless will consist of an incremental system of short term, partially ephemeral interventions. They will not go on hold or be cancelled simply because there won’t be time to go on hold or be cancelled.
Through their plans for Scalo Farini, Limitless and Panda will replace the notions of development, program, and city, with the ideas of colonization, event and geography.
Panda will assemble a team of top class creatives and urban dreamers to start drafting a script for the area. The team will be composed by an international group of city planners, urban anthropologist, designers, communications gurus, economists, scientists, scenographers, theater and film makers.
Panda will reorganize the eclectic bunch into four main domains of actions: youth culture research, strategic master-plan, ephemeral design and communication strategy.
The ambitious group is asked to come up with a plausible plan in just less than 10 days.
Rumors suggest that the team will meet for its first brainstorm in the bunker room of the Politecnico of Milan on February 23rd 2017.


“Milano, il paradosso del cemento: invenduti la metà di case e negozi, ma si costruisce”

La Repubblica, 25 June 2014
(Milan, the concrete paradox: half of the shops and apartments are unsold, but they continue to be built)

Nomisma, 25 March 2015                                                                                                 Real Estate: eccess in the offer of offices around 80%, unsold since more than one year ago)

I costruttori adottano nuove strategie per combattere il male oscuro del mattone milanese:
52% di nuove abitazioni ancora in cerca di compratore nelle zone centrali, il 70% in periferia.
Milano Finanza, 01 January 2014
(Developers are adopting new strategies to fight the real estate milanese crisis: 52% of apartments in the center are still waiting for a buyer, 70% in the suburb)

Invenduta a Milano una casa su tre […] su un totale di 4184 appartamenti (il 34% tra City Life, Porta Nuova e Porta Vittoria), 1.400 sono quelli invenduti.
Corriere della Sera, 13 October 2016
(Unsold in Milan one house out of three […] out of 4184 apartments (of which 34% is from City Life, Porta Nuova and Porta Vittoria), 1400 are unsold.