Carlos Asensio Wandosell / ExCA: ex Cinema Adriano reuse

Longitudinal section: original drawing

Longitudinal section: original drawing


Carlos A. Wandosell’s studio will focus on Ex Cinema Adriano, a whole/hole into the city that recalls its former nature: a movie theatre, a place which made a show of the close relationship between light and time. Cinema Adriano is today an enclosed space where it’s possible to create ideal conditions, putting in practice a determinate number of rules created in order to transform the peripheral conditions of the neighbourhood and its inhabitants. Throughout the first week, students will be asked to focus on the cinema Adriano in its relationship with the city: they’ll have to work on geospatial and social processes, rewriting them in light of historical and contemporary forms of cartographic representation, drawing in layers and from different points of view and scales. They will focus not only on the architectural objects, but also on phenomenological situations as sounds, smells, views. The final aim of this first term is the generation of an atlas, which traces the geographies of the cinema including the geomorphological features as well as the social ones. The cartogenesis of the Cinema will be presented in 2 A0 panels, one vertical and the other one horizontal, conforming a dihedral. During the second phase, each student will be required to do deep social analysis, in order to establish a Rules Set: this tool will allow to define the program of uses, desires, needs, by analysing the relationship between the rituals of daily life in the neighbourhood, their timing and the space in which these rituals occur. Once the program is defined, so are the rules of the game: students will have maps, plans of the uses, desires and needs of the building. At this point, the design process will proceed through a subtraction intervention over the different layers of the cinema: a kind of cleaning methodology over the old building.

23/02 < explain the wording
24/02 < visit and work in the site – visit to Bastard Store (with L. Bini) h. 15:00 via Scipio Slataper 19
23-25/02 < cartogenesis, 2 A0 panels
26/02 < presentation and jury about cartogenesis
27/02 < maps and diagrams of rules and program
02-04/03 < work over subtraction system. models and plans
05/03 < design and build the tables for the final exhibition
06/03 < finish all the works, final exhibition, final jury

Room: U.2

Guest professor:
Carlos Asensio Wandosell