PAULO DAVID_build in time | second week


until the end_BRAINSTORMING -3

‘ The day started with a big revision and we printed everything we had for that day. We discussed about the recent design ideas and there was some disconnection about the ideas because we were too much people to decide on one project. Everyone told their ideas and with the help of the professor we came up with some new ideas. We drew some sketches and tried to combine the different opinions. Since it is the final day for concluding the design according to the schedule, we immediately started drawings.’



until the end_GRAPHIC TESTS -2

‘This is the deadline of our project for our masterplan. After all the groups checked the plan again, we started coloring the masterplan and checking the surrounding buildings with their shadows. We had 2 3 different coloring techniques and different types of textures to select one of them.’




‘We started coloring the masterplan according to our group discussions and it took our whole day. At the end of the day we had our final layout with the final printings and we started to discuss about how to hang them for the exhibition.’


thanks to şiir duygu şir and zeynep albas for the eachday feedbacks