Neven Fuchs_Biography

Neven Mikac Fuchs is an architect based in Oslo, Assistant Professor at The Oslo School of Architecture and Design. He has a broad international teaching experience frequently teaching, lecturing and taking parts in workshops and juries at various European and Japanese architectural schools. He was exhibiting at different architectural exhibitions, among others, at two Venice Biennales, “Venice Project” in the 1980-ies and “Common Ground” in 2012. He is a graduate from The FA University of Zagreb, where he was working several years as assistant professor. He practiced at Aalto’s office in Helsinki 1977-8 and doing a research work on Finish modern architecture in collaboration with The Museum of Finish Architecture. From 1979 – 83 he was a member of ILAUD under the direction of Gian Carlo de Carlo and Team 10, working as young assistant on the projects in Urbino and Siena. In 1983 he moved to Oslo, as teaching assistant to Prof Sverre Fehn at The Oslo School of Architecture.Last ten years Neven Mikac Fuchs is leading a master studio in architecture ‘Space & Technique’ at The Oslo School of Architecture, a studio that is primarily concerned with exploring ideas about architectonic space and different techniques of making these ideas possible as real, physically present everyday architecture. The studio is less interested in spatial program as in sensual conceptuality of architecture and its simple, “archaic” presence. Sometimes these ideas are tested in live projects in 1:1, as in the case of Inverted House, a project that won the 1st prize in Japanese LIXIL sponsored competition in 2015. The Inverted House, built 2015-6, is shortlisted for AR award 2017 and for the S-ARCH award in Hongkong 2017 in the category of small architecture.