Elizabeth Hatz_Biography

Elizabeth B Hatz is a practicing architect, AA Diploma/SAR/MSA, professor and art curator. She shares her time between office, research, art and teaching positions at KTH, Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm and at SAUL School of Architecture, University of Limerick, Ireland.
As project architect at Berg Architects, E Hatz designed Kodak Head Quarters outside Gothenburg, the ground buildings of Stockholm Globe Arena, the world’s largest spherical building, and a number of industrial buildings for Nobe Industries/AKSO-Nobel in Stockholm. Since 1992 she runs her own practice with both private and public commissions.
Hatz leads Government funded “Artistic Research within Architecture” at KTH, formerly within AKAD, Academy of practice-based so called “artistic research” in Architecture and Design. Her work was exhibited at Fargfabriken in 2004, at Art&Science Festival 2005 and at Lund Art Hall in 2006, with the AKAD (Academy of Practice Based Research in Architecture and Design) event “Beginnings”.
She has evaluated Practice Based Research at Aarhus School of Architecture, Denmark. Parts of her work have been on show at “Describing Architecture” Dublin 2010, 2012 and 2014.
As head of SAR (Swedish Association of Architects, in 93-94, Hatz was a co-founder of Fargfabriken, the internationally renowned scene for Art and Architecture in Stockholm. Hatz is an active member of the board since 1995.

This is the place where projects like “Stockholm at Large”, “Urban Turn-table”, “Building-Blocks” and “New Urban Topologies” have been born. Those are events, projects and activities that bridge across borders of interest and competencies and create new ways of operating in the city, through art and architecture.
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E. Hatz has worked extensively with project organisation, project assessments and leadership.
She has been consulted by developers like Sean Dunne and Grattan Property as well as Södersjukhuset and Tengbom Architects and BSK architects,Sweden.
She was chairing the Prize Jury for Kalmar Stortorg, won be Caruso&St John and Eva Löfdahl, and a member on the Kasper Sahlin Prize (Swedish “gold medal” in architecture) as well as on the jury for Nobel Center in Stockholm, won by David Chipperfield.
She is currently on the jury for Falu Rödfärg Prize, since the start in 2002.
E Hatz curated ev+a 2010, entitled “Matters”, Ireland’s pre-eminent art event, with 59 artists from 14 countries in 11 different venues; reviewed in Irish Times by Aidan Dunne.
She is published in Sweden, UK, Italy and Ireland: for instance in AKAD “Beginnings” with the text “Endlessness, Movement, Permanence”; + in Arkitektur, Domus, Tracings (Image of Interiority – Spatial Ambiguities. Some reflections on space arising from the paintings of Wilhelm Hanmmershøi, 2003), Architecture Ireland 2008, 2009, des/Ire (Love Letter to the Island of Desire) Gandon, Dublin 2008. ev+a 2010 “Matters”, Gandon 2010, + Michael Kane, “Life Story” Gandon 2011.
Performances include “Dark Light – Architectural Wanderings”, video performance at Lund City Hall at the Culture Night 1994 and at the symposium “Form Follows Anything”, Fargfabriken 1996.
Hatz, who is on the Strategic Board of the National Museum in Stockholm, also curated the exhibition “The Dream Museum” at the at the same museum and designed the international exhibition “Traces of Congo” which toured the four Scandinavian capitals from Ethnographic Museum in Stockholm to National Museum of Copenhagen 2002-2007.
Hatz chaired the jury for Stortorget competition, Kalmar, won by Caruso&StJohn and Eva Löfdahl.
And was instrumental for the realisation of the scheme.
She was on the board of Eva Bonnier Art Fund, for buying and commissioning art for public space in Stockholm.
She was elected member of the Royal Academy of Agriculture and Forestry of Sweden as a result of her work for LRF Culture Board and the exhibition “Geometry of Milk” in 2003.
Elizabeth Hatz is a member of VAI (Ireland) and KRO (Sweden) through her artistic activities.